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Thanks for taking the time to come on over and find out more about my work. This is a developing website, and I am a luddite, so it will probably be growing new pages slowly, but hopefully once you come back to visit there will be something new.

I have written fiction for over thirty years, (see bio page) although it took a while for me to submit stories for publication. I basically was allergic to finishing things. Now though, you cant stop me. I have written over 20 short stories and 3 novels in the last three years. I have also published my collection called Impossible Fruit on 2/8/21.

You will see there is a blog section for posts related to my work, writing ideas and tips, my geeky interests, and on occasion life events. There is a section about my short stories which I will add to as they are published.

I have also added a shop section too; so you can buy signed copies of my books. I hope to add more merchandise as I go along.



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