Ten Things Out of Three

A Magpie Universe Story A friend recently said she thought my stories were all scary. So, I wanted to share something a little whimsical. Still set in the Magpie Universe and set within the Artefact Worlds where objects, books or artefacts link to other universes.

The Secret Magpie Has Landed

Today sees the release of my first novel, The Secret Magpie. This is book one of a planned five book series, focusing on the Cold and Complex Team run by DCI Harry Morton and DI Maisie Price. In the first installment they are trying to catch The Magpie, a killer who likes to collect the…

Plans for 2022

Happy New Year Apologies for the late tidings. I have been finishing a book. I had the dreaded COVID in November and it put me back about eight weeks. However, I can happily say that Mr Waterfield’s Ghostly Menagerie is finished as a first draft. I can now also say that I have written four…