My Bibliography


A selection of my published stories.

The Magpie’s Call


Jennie Cobden meets the man of her dreams and together they buy a farm. Little does Jennie know that there is a curse on the land that attracts evil people, and her new husband Owain has sprung the trap. Find out why there are no magpies on Magpie’s Farm. This is the prequel to my first novel, The Magpie’s Collection. I finished the Novel in January and I am currently looking for a publisher.

Eye of the Beholder

This was a story Gary entered into the second Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition. Its a story about the Brigadier from TVs Doctor Who. It was his first story to be accepted for publication. Gary sent in two entries to the competition, the second, the Embroidered Handkerchief, has been reworked with the original characters to be published in Impossible Fruit later this year.

The dreams of Aeflynn Valkslander

This is a novelette and is effectively the first few chapters of a book Gary had started to write in 2014 now condensed and reworked into a prequel for a fantasy series called The Skyfliers he might one day finish. Flynn, as he likes to be called, obtains magic by devious means and his world is transformed during a quest to avoid that magic causing his death. First published in the Kyanite Press in 2019. 



Translation is the story of a data archaeologist Elli Chambers who is hunting for data sources concerning the end of a mighty civilisation. Little does she know that a malfunction in the translation technology will result in her interacting with the planets past and her own future. This story first appeared in the Kyanite Press in 2020.


Gary J. Mack