I am a child of the seventies and I grew up in Bordesley Green Birmingham where I became addicted to a mediocre Birmingham City football team, Cricket and Doctor Who. I spent sunny days kicking  and batting about, and the rainy ones on my Brother typewriter creating new adventures for the TARDIS crew. Sometimes I played my brothers’ guitars.

In the 1990’s I started writing seriously: then university got in the way, then work, then family, and then writing and recording music.

In 2018 I submitted two stories that I had actually finished. They were both published.  In 2019 I had written twenty more. Eleven of those stories were published in my first short story Collection Impossible Fruit in August 2021. I have also written lots of Doctor Who and Blakes Seven fan-fic as well as two novels. I am currently working on my third.

I currently live in Staffordshire with my long suffering geek-widow wife and three teenage sons. I am a senior health and social care associate.