Publishing Schedule Update

There are lots of irons in the fire, and a few I need to start to warm up in the old mind furnace.

If I have realised anything getting Impossible Fruit self published, is that you have to set dates and goals and try to stick to them. Otherwise you can let readers down, especially if they have pre-ordered.

So I have put this outline together for the next 3 years. I will then embark on getting cover art, marketing materials, an editor for each book, and then a precise publication date.

All dates below are approximate, and may differ depending upon life the universe, commissions (hopefully), and everything! However here goes.

February 2022 – The Magpie’s Secret (Cordivae 1) *

July 2022 – Mr Waterfield’s Ghostly Menagerie (Edwardian Horror 1) **

October 2023 – The Raven’s Message (Cordivae 2) **

Feb 2023 – The Rook’s Challenge (Cordivae 3)

July 2023 Impossible Fruit Too *

December 2023 -Diamond Chamber Memories –

(The Living Prophecy 1)*

July 2024 – The Quantum Goddess (The Living Prophecy 2)

December 2024 – The Death Codex (The Living Prophecy 3)

After that I am probably going to embark on the Skyfliers Series for 2025/6

The books with an asterisk have been completed. The books with two are in progress. So although it looks ambitious, in terms of word count I am half way there for the first three years of books.

I will keep you updated as more becomes confirmed.

Best wishes – G

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