Ten Things Out of Three

A Magpie Universe Story

A friend recently said she thought my stories were all scary. So, I wanted to share something a little whimsical. Still set in the Magpie Universe and set within the Artefact Worlds where objects, books or artefacts link to other universes.


Plans for 2022

Happy New Year

Apologies for the late tidings. I have been finishing a book. I had the dreaded COVID in November and it put me back about eight weeks.

However, I can happily say that Mr Waterfield’s Ghostly Menagerie is finished as a first draft. I can now also say that I have written four books: three novels and the collection of short stories that is Impossible Fruit. Wow, I am still amazed myself.

By the way Impossible Fruit has done better than I could have ever imagined. It was at one point number 7 on the mid week Amazon Horror Fiction Chart. I also sold all the first set of limited signed hardbacks and paperbacks. I have some more in however, please have a look on my shop page.

Vila Finds the Courage

I have a Blake’s 7 short story with the above title in the anthology Scorpio Tales. Its a very well produced anthology. Packed with quality stories. You can get copies from Lulu via the below link. It is in support of Save the Children.

Publishing Schedule for 2022

I have a busy year this year. Lots happening.

The Secret Magpie, the first of the Cordivae series and my first novel, will be out around Easter. I will do a cover reveal as soon as I can, and then let you all know the release date. It is currently with Catherine, my editor who will sprinkle her magic over it.

February and March, I will be editing Impossible Fruit Too. This second set of stories will be focused around the Chambers family who will become integral to my books and stories. As much so as Isabelle of Stafford the Medieval witch. I will also be writing a novelette called The Future Magpie, which will become the lead piece in this collection.

April – June I will be completing The Raven’s Message (Cordivae Book 2) as I want a quick turn around for a September/October release. I have written quite a bit already so this is achievable.

September – November I will be drafting The Rook’s Challenge (Cordivae 3) ready for release Easter next year 2023.

I am hoping to have Impossible Fruit Too (yes that’s how I’m spelling it) out for Christmas 2022. I know that will be a long shot if I’m writing one and a half books this year, but we will see how I go.

So the schedule is as follows:

The Secret Magpie out April 2022

The Raven’s Message out by October 2022

Impossible Fruit Too will be a possible Christmas 2022 release, if not sometime in 2023.

The Rook’s Challenge will be out Feb 2023

Mr Waterfield’s Ghostly Menagerie will be out September 2023

Impossible Fruit Tree will be out by Christmas 2023

Of course if I get a commission or a contract for a short story submission , that will take precedence over the above. I am awaiting a few responses to submissions and pitches. Hopefully some exciting news to follow.

Well that’s about it for the round up, See you for the cover reveal for The Secret Magpie!

Thanks for reading.


Publishing Schedule Update

There are lots of irons in the fire, and a few I need to start to warm up in the old mind furnace.

If I have realised anything getting Impossible Fruit self published, is that you have to set dates and goals and try to stick to them. Otherwise you can let readers down, especially if they have pre-ordered.

So I have put this outline together for the next 3 years. I will then embark on getting cover art, marketing materials, an editor for each book, and then a precise publication date.

All dates below are approximate, and may differ depending upon life the universe, commissions (hopefully), and everything! However here goes.

February 2022 – The Magpie’s Secret (Cordivae 1) *

July 2022 – Mr Waterfield’s Ghostly Menagerie (Edwardian Horror 1) **

October 2023 – The Raven’s Message (Cordivae 2) **

Feb 2023 – The Rook’s Challenge (Cordivae 3)

July 2023 Impossible Fruit Too *

December 2023 -Diamond Chamber Memories –

(The Living Prophecy 1)*

July 2024 – The Quantum Goddess (The Living Prophecy 2)

December 2024 – The Death Codex (The Living Prophecy 3)

After that I am probably going to embark on the Skyfliers Series for 2025/6

The books with an asterisk have been completed. The books with two are in progress. So although it looks ambitious, in terms of word count I am half way there for the first three years of books.

I will keep you updated as more becomes confirmed.

Best wishes – G


Master Switches

I have contributed a story to the Altrix Books’ Master Switches -Unofficial Doctor Who – anthology edited by Paul Driscoll, published in September 2021.

The Slaves of Missy pits the Sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker against Missy as played by Michelle Gomez.

The collection is in aid of the Stroke Association, a worthy cause, and can be ordered below.


Impossible Fruit Published on August 2nd 2021

My first collection of stories, Impossible Fruit was published on the 2nd of August via my new publishing imprint Mack The Magpie Books.

A first edition signed hardback was released for family and friends – limited to 50 copies. Standard unsigned paperback and e-book versions are available on Amazon.

I also have a limited number of signed hardbacks and paperbacks in my shop.

If you have read Impossible Fruit, please can you leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Impossible Fruit was edited by Catherine Cooke aka @Mrs_Bentos on twitter.

Cover design is by David Collins and a link to DC cover creations can be found below.


The Secret Magpie Has Landed

Today sees the release of my first novel, The Secret Magpie. This is book one of a planned five book series, focusing on the Cold and Complex Team run by DCI Harry Morton and DI Maisie Price. In the first installment they are trying to catch The Magpie, a killer who likes to collect the eyes of his victims and works for a mysterious woman called Lady Bell. The Secret Magpie is a follow-on novel from the story, The Magpie’s Call. You can order via the link below, or a signed copy from my shop.